There and Back Again – A Kittens Tale.  Part One

I am not cat person, or at least I wasn’t until Rosebud came into our lives on the 23rdOctober 2020.  It was my Son and his partner who decided to become cat parents and she was to go and live with them. Life being life then decided to throw a gargantuan covidy shaped ball at us all and the whole cat business became yet another casualty of best laid plans.  So after a little planning and caveats relating to claw damage, vet bills or any form of responsibility was laid down (did I mention we were not cat people) on the 1st of November, Buddy moved in.

I tried; I mean I really tried to ignore the pathetic little attempts at a proper miaow, the cute little head ‘boops’, the way she put her little paws over her head when she slept and the way her little toesies would stretch out when she was kneading and suckling and within a week I had waved the white flag and became fluent in soppy catish.

I have friends with cats and I would appreciate, like and occasionally comment on the various pictures of their moggies being cute or funny or even sinister (yes you know who you are you wee witch). But I did not really get the whole obsession, the way that cats insert themselves into every little area of your life and the delight of learning about yet another facet of their absolutely fascinating personalities.  Buddy had nailed adorable, slightly aloof, but very naughty very fast, but she had another far more important job to do. 

Buddy is a support animal. My Son is on the spectrum and he really struggles with plans and routine and in particular any deviation from either. If you think about it these are things that go into all of our days and provide us with structure.  Without them life quickly becomes confusing and frustrating and for him, sometimes even downright terrifying. Having the responsibility of caring for another living thing can help bring these things back into focus.  That has been absolutely the case with Bud,  she has a routine and needs, and she relies on my son for all these things and he knows and loves that.  After all, how much easier is it to navigate life when the things you do are out of love?

I share this with you as I wanted to impress on you how important Buddy is to him, how important she is to all of us, and how having her in his life has enriched it so much.  You can also imagine what joy it has given us as his parents to see him so happy. 

This is exactly what I was feeling while sitting down at my keyboard (as I am now) a little under a week ago.  All was well as it often is before a storm. The morning routine was well under way when I heard my Son utter these words.

‘where is Buddy’? 

If I had known at that moment what course of events those words were to set in motion, I am not sure I would have believed what was actually ahead of us. 

Those of you of the nerd persuasion, of which I am most definitely and proudly one, will have noted that the title of this adventure relates to a fairly famous trilogy.  It does not, a far as I know involve, powerful magic jewellery or hideous beasts made of trees or particularly fiery mountains (Bud may tell you differently), but what it is about is this. It is a story of what can be achieved when people even strangers all pull together for one cause, it is a story of a community, a fellowship if you will with a single mission.  That mission was to bring our little Buddy home

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