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Ali Jeffries has been married to her best friend for nearly 20 years and has two amazing sons. One in his 20’s, the other a teenager. She lives in the East Midlands and her, her hubby and youngest share the house with their beloved aged Staffie, a new lockdown kitten and a budgie who needs anger management.

Ali is a qualified Level 3 TA and worked for some time with children and young adults on the autistic spectrum, specialising in behavioural management. She has a wealth of experience dealing with mental health issues within families. This led to the launch of her support group. Then Covid struck and getting together to support parents caring for children with mental and physical health issues was no longer a viable option. She realised that writing down all the information and experience she had accumulated over the years was the next best thing, and Dear Parent Carer was born.

When she is not cooking for her family, taxiing teenagers around, getting her head around the new jargon or dealing with issues on ‘Angstagram’, she loves to sit and play with broken glass and has sold many of her mosaiced creations. There is however a safety warning that comes with this activity as Ali has the very unusual ability of being able to ‘taste’ some colours.

To relax Ali has a number of happy places. You will often find her sat at the big family table crafting with her youngest. At the end of a busy day, she likes to ‘slump’ in her ‘comfies’ and watch Criminal Minds. Her staffie will be with her and she is likely to be satisfying her addiction to frozen chocolate buttons and strawberry laces. She also loves to relax with her family and friends, either at home or with Gerry the land rover and his various tents on one of the many family camping adventures.

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Meet ali