An incredibly simple way of starting your book and why writing it is a no brainer.

When I started to write this book, I realised that I needed to have a few stern words with myself and be brutally honest.  This was not going to be straightforward and I was going to have to dig deep, throw off my fear of new things and some old things and break a habit of a lifetime. It also called for me to face my nemesis ‘the finishing of things that have been started’.  This has plagued me for most of my life.  I could quite frankly paper a whole mansion with the ‘to do’ lists I have amassed over the years.  So taking all of these scary things into consideration, just where do you start?

This won’t be a surprise to anyone, when I say my first port of call was the internet.  Most specifically any and all sites, blogs, Q & A forums that answered the call – How do I write a book?  I guess it is not as time consuming as visiting the local library and spending time poring through books, but there was a certain charm to those days of old and when that was the only option. 

Anyway back to this century and my question was answered by the guru Chandler Bolt from  and I really have to give him a nod here, because the practical advice he gave was so simple even I was able to follow it.  Writing lists has always been a comfort blanket for me.  I have also used this as a procrastination to avoid facing into the actual task in hand.  When my knee jerk reaction was not to reach for one of many many notebooks and start bullet pointing, I knew I was on the right track.

Having translated the advice into my own words, which is something I have to do in order for the information to sink in, I set about tackling the first task.  I got a huge piece of paper and just started to write.  All my thoughts, ideas, incoherent ramblings, internal dialogue.  Anything and everything bookish went down  in a huge scrawly spidery ‘diagrammy’ type mess.   It was glorious to see all of that writing potential laid before me and I thought ‘perhaps I really do have something here’ and even more amazing than that was the fact that I actually believed it.   

So that is the amazingly simple idea that birthed Dear Parent Carer.  I honestly believe that there is at least one book in all of us and I would not be surprised if some of you are reaching for that piece of paper now or at least considering it. 

For some writing can be a way of finding some order in a chaotic world.  Whole new immersive universes can be created to escape into and control.   For others, writing can be a way of making some peace with the past, it really can be incredibly healing.  For some it can be a big fat finger to those who said they could not achieve anything.  Believe me when I say, the process of writing a book can help you rediscover self-worth and belief.  For me even though I came a little late to the party, I believe discovering the joy of writing has provided something that until that point had always been missing.  It is essential to my wellbeing.

We all have power in our hands or should I say fingers to unleash something special, even powerful Writing that can inspire people, provoke thoughts and emotions and even change lives.  So my advice, even if it is just the tiniest twinkle of a new idea or thought that has grown too big to contemplate, grab that piece of paper, get scribbling, oh please just do it, because you could be on the very cusp of one of the biggest adventures of your life.

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