Dear Parent carer

Dear Parent Carer

In this book Ali shares her own experience and compassion through practical advice for anyone responsible for young people who need extra help. She offers support and insight and gently holds the hands of those facing into difficult situations with their own children.

Ali helps parents avoid pitfalls and gives them confidence that whatever it is they are facing into; they do not have to do it alone. She also coaches parents in the importance of self-care, understanding only too well how important it is to look after yourself as well as the ones you are caring for.


No-one has written a Haynes manual to help when it comes to our children or young people we care for, but if we approach things from a place of love, I really believe we are doing everything we can. As I write this our world is in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic and as such we are having to adapt to the way we live. For many carers, that means dealing with a lot of additional pressures. More than ever when parents are in danger of being overwhelmed whilst caring for their children with their mental and physical health issues, I felt it was important to get this all down for you. I want more than anything to try and be a voice of calm and hope amid whatever storm you may find yourself in by sharing some ideas, tips and tricks that may just help. After looking back on my journey and speaking to other parents dealing with often seemingly impossible situations, the one common factor has quite simply, and a little surprisingly, been hope. Hope for a brighter future, relationships to be healed, empathetic professionals and much, much better days to come.


Long before I sat down to write, there were many times that I thought about all the other parents who were struggling as we were, looking after a child with mental and physical health issues. I knew how hard it was to get support for our child, but what about the help and guidance we as parents so desperately needed?


I have had the privilege of talking to many parent carers over the years who were seeking support. I found that what they needed more than anything was the opportunity to be listened too and have someone likeminded they could talk with. This was my main inspiration for writing this book and it is summed up beautifully by this quote from C.S. Lewis. ‘Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another What! You too? I thought I was the only one.’


During this pandemic I have noticed how the work of carers is finally starting to be recognised and validated and that means parent carers too. There is still a lot of work to be done and you will just have to trust me when I say there are people who will continue to work at raising awareness. It is my hope that that by talking about and sharing this book I can do my part to help those parents who may be struggling and spread the message that parents carers need support too.

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